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I need to thank everyone who recommended me “It”! It was flabbergasting, awesome and magnificent! Definitely one of my favourites now (every King book is one of my favourite every time I read one, it doesn’t mean anything anymore xD)!

I down asked to my American Uncle to send me the movie, I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. julielawry a dit : yeah, the book is great (even if i don’t really like the ending), but the movie…nah, don’t expect too much. it’s not that good. (except tim curry’s performance as pennywise) maybe because there’s no julie lawry in it. :D
  2. waitforhightide a dit : The IT movie/miniseries thing is… horrible xD Like truly bad. Usually I’m willing to be patient (I even like the Kubrick version of The Shining) but IT was just bad.
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